Four Places to Find Freelance Translator Jobs Online!

So you’ve started getting yourself into translating work online… Congratulations!

Freelance translating online is a pretty fulfilling job, despite the hard work. People are always looking for someone to translate something, so hopefully you won’t find yourself lacking in gigs.

However, I get that sometimes it can be a little hard to find places to start looking for freelance translating jobs online. Sometimes it can be a little confusing even, given how many platforms there are for freelance translators to work online!

That’s why today, I want to talk about four places where YOU can find some freelance translator jobs online! Of course, these aren’t the only four places to look, but they are definitely great places for you to get started. Who knows? You might find yourself a lucrative gig! I’ve definitely made great connections and clients through websites such as the ones I’m putting out below and I hope you do too!

1. TranslatorsCafe

TranslatorsCafe was where it all started for me. I found my first freelance online translating jobs through this website and eventually managed to work my way up to larger projects like video games, phone apps and even company interviews with Korean business partners.

The site is a forum where people post freelance translating that need to be done. As a freelance translator, you can find an endless number of translation gigs on this website. Putting your profile together on the site is exhausting and the layout of the website might be a little confusing/cluttered, but I think the benefits of signing up for TranslatorsCafe far outweigh the inconveniences. For one, you would be getting your name out there, which means more clients will be interested in working with you. It also serves as a lovely online community for translators. You’ll find plenty of help for any question you might have about the freelance translation industry.

Membership for translators is divided into free and master membership. Free membership is great and I’ve gotten plenty of work from that alone, but master membership comes with a few perks of their own. For example, those who have master membership are put on top of the list when your profile matches a job. Master members also get job notifications before free members do.

However, most people are free members and the site still serves them well.

I highly recommend this website if you are looking to start finding freelance translator jobs online.

2. is one of, if not the biggest translators’ marketplace out there. Based in Syracuse, New York, now boasts over 900,000 users from about 200 countries. This is definitely one place you should put yourself out there if you are trying to be a freelance translator.

Similar to TranslatorsCafe, you register, create a profile, put yourself out there and you will get notifications for job offers depending on the languages that you are translating. has plenty of resources for freelance online translators including a glossary and a discussion forum which you can refer to whenever you have questions.

The website also has both free and paid membership. Paid membership is $10 a month (or $120 a year) and gives members the opportunity to quickly quote new translation gigs, making clients much faster than free members. The site also features a Plus membership package. For about $14 a month (or $159 a year), Plus members get access to added security measures on the website, training material worth over $1,000 and plenty of additional tools and unique perks that only Plus members can get.

This website is the most popular place to find freelance translator jobs online, so I don’t think finding a good gig should be a problem. Going rates are also publicly listed, so that is always something to keep in mind as well.


No, that’s not a typo. Fiverr is a service where freelancers can connect with their clients. Millions of people use this service from around the world. Freelancers sell all kinds of services from drawing pictures to web design. And sure enough, there are translators who use Fiverr to make some dough.

The minimum price for any gig is $5, which might not sound super appealing if you’re looking to make some good money translating online, but hear me out for a second.

The basic gig has a minimum cost of $5, but there are different ways to accumulate earnings through this site. One way is to take on multiple simple translating gigs per day, for $5 each. For example, you can offer to translate 50 words (which if we assume that the average translator can translate 250 words in an hour, would take 12 minutes) for $5. If you get five of these 50 word translation gigs and complete them in an hour, you would make $25 in that hour.

Another way to maximize your earnings is by offering packages. A package allows you to make more money per gig. Fiverr offers a “3 package feature” for this. So for example, if you are offering to translate a 50 word document for $5, you can offer to translate 150 words for $10, or 450 words for $30. It means extra work, but also more $$$!!!

On Fiverr, there will always be people looking for a translator, so this is definitely an opportunity you can take! The cool thing is, for whatever skill you have to offer, oftentimes you have to build a website to professionally promote yourself. With Fiverr, all you have to do is set up a profile, tell the world your skills, create your special gig and then wait for people to reach out.

PS it’s also a great place if you’re looking to get something done for you! Like translations!!! 😉

If you’re interested in buying a gig or signing up to do some gigs, click here –>


Finally, there’s Upwork. Upwork is yet another big website where freelancers go to find work (and clients go to find freelancers). I’ve worked through this service before and frankly I don’t find it very remarkable. It’s not bad, but I don’t really see anything special about it. It’s not directly catered towards translators like the first two entries are, but you can definitely find translating gigs on Upwork.

A few things to keep in mind though:

– There are fees that clients and freelancers have to pay. Freelancers’ fees are on a sliding scale depending on how much you’ve earned throughout your time at Upwork. If you’ve made up to $500, you pay a 20% fee for each contract. If you’ve made $500.01 to $10,000, you pay 10%. Anything above $10,000 means you only pay 5% per contract.

– I found it a bit harder to find work on this platform. I felt that the first two websites (TranslatorsCafe and were a lot easier for translators to find work, especially because they are platforms dedicated to freelance translators. Upwork doesn’t just cover translation, so it’s more similar to Fiverr in terms of diversity of work. However, I have found some decent gigs on this site so that is why I added this site to my list.

– Be smart about your pricing. It’s pretty competitive on Upwork, so use a rate calculator and find a rate that isn’t too expensive but isn’t selling yourself short.


With freelancing, there are many places to look to find gigs. Freelance translating is no different. These four sites I have found to be very useful when it comes to finding freelance translation work on the internet. I highly recommend the first two, especially if you are starting out. I hope you find success with these websites too and please comment below what your experiences were with these services! Also, if you know any other websites that connect freelance translators to potential work projects, feel free to comment those below! I’d love to check them out and who knows? I might write a review or make a longer version of this list!