My Journal

Hello to the working moms out there!
It feels like I’m always living in a rush. Doing housework itself is hard but making money is harder in such a competitive world like ours.

I’ve spent so many nights struggling with thoughts on how to make some good money for the family. Eventually, I found my ways and I’m still working at it to provide for my kids’ happiness. Thus I will blog about it right here! I am not sure how many people will find and see my website but this can be the journal for my life journey. So I am recording some glimpses into my life so that my kids or friends can have it as the memory about me in the future (hopefully long time later). But most importantly, I am here to help YOU!

I know how it feels to struggle at home. That’s why I want to help you using some of the things I have learned in my own life.

About Me!

A Short Introduction

Hi there! My name is J! I’m a Korean who immigrated to the United States with my husband a long time ago to start a new life.

I currently work a day job, but I also find good opportunities to work from the comfort of my own home too. I’ve taught Korean immigrants English, in both classroom settings and private one-on-one sessions. However, the most lucrative thing I have found is utilizing my skills in both English and Korean to work as a translator online. As the world gets more and more connected, people will need to find ways to overcome barriers in languages. I’d like to say I help make the world a little bit easier to understand with my services.

So what am I here for?

Well, as someone who has made some good money working from home as a translator, I have also decided to help others who want to start their own careers from home. There is always a need for more translators as cultural products continue to get manufactured and exported on a regular basis GLOBALLY, so there’s opportunities for people regardless of language!

And so I want to help you!

But while I do that, I also want to help people who are looking to learn a new language by showing them the good and the bad of some of the major language learning projects out there, so they can make an informed decision before purchasing a course. Who knows? Perhaps someday I’ll make a Korean language course someday.

The content I put out here will primarily revolve around these few things:

  1. Freelance online translating work
  2. Language learning programs
  3. Korean language and culture
  4. Translation services

If you’re inquiring about any of these topics, then this is the place to be.

So stay tuned and walk this journey with me, will you?

Let’s get financially independent and multilingual!